Learn how to add your business in CTOS BizFinder

1. Fill up your information for CTOS BizFinder account creation.

For new user, you will need to fill up your:

  1. Email
  2. Password

If you already have CTOS BizFinder account, please proceed to Sign In

2. Fill up your business information

We’ve made it easier for others to find your business. Fill up your important business information:

  1. Company/Business Registration No.
  2. Company Name
  3. Listing Name
  4. Your business location
  5. Contact Email
  6. State (Listing Region)
  7. Listing category
  8. Operating Hours

3. Add images

Let others know about your brand. Upload images for:

  1. Your company logo (Max file size is 8MB)
  2. Cover image for your page header section (Max file size is 8MB)
  3. Gallery images, multiple uploads are allowed (Max file size is 8MB)

4. Describe your business

It is important for others to understand what you do. Fill up the description text box.

5. Additional information about your business

We’ve made it easier for others to learn more about your business. Fill up details for:

  1. Company Website
  2. Phone Number
  3. Display a video in your listing (add video URL from your Youtube, Facebook or others)
  4. Add social media links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram)

6. When you are ready to submit your details, click ‘Preview Button’

You may also save as draft if you plan to continue filling up the form later.